There were some great teams here. Everyone played well, it been really competitive. Girls slashed and dashed passed an Amos team that was outmatched.. Decision to invest in Kent is a tremendous vote of confidence in our community, said Kent Mayor Suzette Cooke. Announcement signifies we have the infrastructure, the workforce and the business friendly climate needed to support a company like Amazon. This bodes well for Kent’s future in attracting high tech industries.

Unemployment rate soared to 14.7% in April, the highest rate since the Great Depression. That would come on top of roughly $3 trillion in earlier financial assistance. Italy partially lifted lockdown restrictions last week only to see a big jump in confirmed coronavirus cases in its hardest hit region.

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To help control the spread of the novel coronavirus, Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an order last month requiring anyone in public to wear a face mask if they cannot stay at least 6 feet away from others. Retailers have been enforcing the policy in stores across the state, said Ted Potrikus, executive director of the Retail Council of New York State..

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