We all love pie, of course. Or at least 76% of us do, according to Mike Kostyo, trendologist at Datassential. Consumers eat their pie at home rather than a restaurant 68% of consumers purchased their last pie at a store or made it from scratch. As difficult as this is to accept, it feels as if sports should take a collective time out. Pause for a moment, put everything on hold until we know enough to ensure the most number of people are at the least possible risk. Only days ago, the uncharted waters we wondered about was where free agent to be Tom Brady would land.

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Although the coaching may cause you stress what should be kept in mind is to keep it light and make it enjoyable for you and your pet. Learning does not have to be a worrisome for you or your pet. Good dog behavior and obedience can be taught and you and your pet can have fun completing it.

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