For most guys in the NFL, there is more at stake than salary. Those who make it three years plus three games become vested in the league’s pension plan. Many players argue, too, that they deserve better from the NFL than to be treated as disposable, given the heavy toll the game takes on their bodies..

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The more money floods into a system, the bigger the incentive becomes to cheat that system. For professional sports like the NBA, the salaries may offer insulation from corruption, but the NCAA is unlike other leagues in that athletes are not paid. Not only will fans be able to bet on college football, but bookies are legally allowed to take action on everything from volleyball to water polo, too ..

After two years working as an engineer, I gained more responsibilities within the company and I started to move toward an engineering manager role. The experience I gathered in this role allowed me to learn things and take on new roles as I progressed within the company. This is how I was able to be accepted in the management training program I am currently in..

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