The benchmark indices have fallen around 25 percent from the mid of February when the global markets realised the virus impact on China, followed by the spread of the virus to other parts of the world which made investors worry more.”Now the valuations are comparatively looking good compared to what they have been in a long time. It is an excellent opportunity to start accumulating if you have money, invest some to it and wait for the markets to move from here,” Jashan Arora, Director at Master Capital Services told Moneycontrol said.Moneycontrol has collated a list of stocks that have been upgraded to a buy by brokerages in March.These stocks could give 27 147 percent returns in the next one year. Returns are calculated based on the closing price of March 17 cheap nfl jerseys .Bajaj Auto: Buy Target: Rs 3,100 Return: 36 percentKotak Institutional Equities upgraded Bajaj Auto to buy (from reduce earlier) as valuations turn attractive given strong growth prospects in export markets.”The domestic motorcycle segment forms only 10 percent of Bajaj Auto’s EBITDA; hence impact on Bajaj Auto will be limited due to BS VI transition.

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