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cheap jerseys Amir Khan ready to quit boxing as he uncertain if he wants to fight againOn Thursday he travelled from his home in Bolton to Peterborough and then on to South London where the Best Western in Crystal Palace has opened up two thirds of its 300 rooms to those in need.”We done a lot of work in the north of England so we decided to come down to London,” Khan tells Mirror Fighting.”Bolton was the first place we did something and then we started going across the country.”We been delivering food boxes, drinks for the key workers and face visors for the doctors, as well as gloves and masks.”Khan, 33, has divided opinion since he burst on to the scene at the Athens Olympics when he won a silver medal at the age of 17.Coronavirus: Amir Khan offers 5m wedding venue to NHS to help fight crisisBut away from the ring his foundation has helped countless people both in Britain and in Pakistan.”My family has been doing a lot of charity work since I was young, they built houses and schools for people, and I realised I wanted to start helping,” he adds cheap jerseys .”We built orphanages all over the world and we built over 300 water wells for people to have drinking water.”I could see the smile on peoples faces and I wanted to get that same respect one day. It a good thing to do because we are very fortunate to be in the position we are .”I feel God has put me in this position for a reason. Maybe it a test God is putting us through to see how much we going to help people around us.”God given me this name so I going to use it in a positive way to help less fortunate people.”I don think people are aware of this side of me, they only see me for my boxing.”People have known me as a boxer, but I not doing it to show people, I doing it for myself, to make God happy and for good karma.”Khan has not fought since last summer and intends to wait until crowds are allowed back into arenas before taking to the ring.And in the meantime, he hopes other celebrities can follow his lead and help those less fortunate.Ex England batsman Key stroke “We have to be there for the homeless people who are probably going to be back on the streets again,” he says.”I trying to do my bit and if more high profile people and celebrities do the same, it would get the MPs and local councils involved.”This is keeping me active and my mind busy; if I wasn doing this I would be at home stressed out.”This is another way for people to feel better at the moment by going out to do charity work.”If everyone does a little bit for their community the world would be a better place.”Arsenal FCArsene Wenger explains why he will never return to Arsenal even as a spectatorWenger left Arsenal in the summer of 2018 after 22 years with the club, and has admitted he still watches every one of their fixtures on TV, but is adamant he will not go backMike Tyson strips off to stop ‘Jake The Snake’ at AEW ahead of comebackMike TysonMike Tyson was ringside to present the new TNT Championship at AEW but had to get involved to ensure Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts didn’t interfere with the matchWhat happened to the 19 Man Utd players sold by Louis van GaalManchester United FCVan Gaal’s tenure was marked by a series of missteps in the transfer market, but not all of those who departed Old Trafford on his watch have gone on to succeed cheap jerseys.

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