Domain Skills
  • Armed with a clear understanding of the changes in the market, with the ability and tact to devise innovative marketing strategies & solutions along with identifying novel areas for growth and accelerating sales volume.
  • Ability to analyze and understand entrepreneurial activities, business requirements, sales &marketing strategies, customer-value maximization, developing new business processes and revenue streams.
  • Effective team player with good communication skills; equipped with the knack of business management along with the knowledge of analysis, development and implementation of strategic business plans and policies.
  • Possess strong & excellent academic standing with knowledge of teaching practice and nurturing as well as fostering student’s development to their utmost potential.
  • Gained understanding in account management and alliances management along with the ability to efficiently manage planning, organising and scheduling multiple projects for completion.
  • Capable of meeting the overall service delivery norms complying with organizational SLA’s and performance against key success metrics by maintaining relationships with key customers and collating information on prospective clients.


Technical Skills
  • Cellular biology:  Cell culture, microbiology, microscopy (confocal, fluorescence and light microscopy)
  • Molecular biology:  RNA extraction, reverse transcription, PCR, DNA gel analysis, quantification and extraction
  • Biochemistry:  Western blot, ELISA, enzymatic assays
  • Nanotechnology:  Preparation and characterization of liposomes as nanocarriers mimicking cell membranes
  • Animal manipulation:  Handling, feeding, breeding
  • Analytical methods:  Titrations, spectrophotometry, Titrations, spectrophotometry